Necessary Items

From T-shirts to Topical, Pipes to Pouches, etc. Nature's Medicine carries a variety of cannabis related items to fit any budget.



NM Beanie
NM Hat
Polos and hoodies for your Pooch

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes, bongs, bubblers, chillums, oil rigs, dabbers, domeless quartz nails, dab dishes, glass on glass bowls, slide bowls, steamrollers

Jars, Containers, and Pouches

Anonymous Bags NM Locking Zipper Exit Bags, Hidden Security Vaults, Magnetic Vacuum Seal, Secret Safes, Doob Tubes, 420 Science Pop Top Jars, NoGoo Containers Small and Large, Oil Slick, Mini Balls, 420 Science Wax Wallets, Stink Sacks, Wooden Boxes, Small Leather Pouches

Pipe Cleaners

Orange Chronic, Agent Orange, Kleen Green, Smoke Soap, Rez Block, Cleaning Brushes, Gack Attack Brush Paks.

Vapes and Accessories

Buck Naked 1100MHa 510 Batteries, EZ Vape 5 Digital Vapes, NoGoo 420 Stand, NoGoo DAB Station, NoGoo Dome/Dabber Stand, NoGoo Oil Station, NoGoo Vape Pen Station, Pulsar LUX Herbal Vaporizer, Pulsar LUX-D Herbal Vaporizer, Pulsar ORD Atomizers for 510 Battery, Sticky Pen Wax Burners, Titanium Babbers, Pulsar Sirus Plus, Pulsar APX Mini Vape



Absolute Detox Cherry and Lime, High Voltage Detox, High Voltage Mouthwash, High Voltage Shampoo, Urine Test Strips 5 Panel, Urine Test Strips THC Only


2.2" Acrylic with Magnet, 3" Acrylic, Grinder Necklace, 2.5" 4pc, 2.5" 2pc. with Magnet, Sharper Grind 2.5" 4pc, Sharper Grind Clear Top with Hand Crank 4pc.


420 Preserve, Stainless Ashtrays, Elements and RAW Rolling Trays, Salt Lamps, Stickers-Dead Bears 420 Hatchet Man etc.

Topicals (non-cannabis)

Bath Confetti, Fairy Flakes, Fairy Dust, Hemp Lip Balm, Hemp Lotion


Extraction Supplies

Stainless Funnel, NoGoo Dab Dish, NoGoo Fingertips, NoGoo Dish 3 x 2.25", NoGoo Plate Round 8", NoGoo Plate Square 8", Oil Slick Pad 48" x 16" Roll, Oil Slick Pad 12" x 8.5", Oil Slick Pads 2pc. 3.25" x 4.5", Pollen Press

Incense, Candles, and Air Fresheners

Smoke Buddy and Smoke Buddy Jr. Air Filters, Incense, Candles, Ozium Air Sanitizer, Smoke Out Air Freshener, Home Fragrance Oils, Oil Warmers

Papers, Screens, and Accessories

Big Bambu, Elements, Randy's, RAW, and Zen, Screens Brass and Stainless Various Sizes, OCB

Pipes and Accessories

Ceramic Bats, Glass Slide Bowls, Celebration Pipes 22k Gold, Onyx Chillums and Pipes, Dugouts, Padded Pipe Cases, Ceramic Spoons, Metal Pipes, Silcone pipes and bongs ect. 

Scales and Scopes

Scales, 420 Scopes, USB Scopes 200x  800x and 1200x